Silver Stand

Product Dimensions: 110cm

Packing size: 590*165*260mm

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Material Stainless Steel Plate
Surface Treatment Environmental Protection Paint
Height Height 1100mm
Column Size 1110*75*120mm
Base Size 300*255*45mm
DC One in two
Network RJ45*1
Mounting hole 34/37/42mm(Customize)
Column Outsourcing Dimension 1115*135*85mm
Base Outsourcing Dimension 340*270*60mm
Package Wholesale/Individual Package
Machine Weight 5.1 KG
Electric Circuit DC12V
Maximum Power ≤13.5
Power Supply ≤3A
Operating Temperature -10°C~60°C
Storage Temperature -20 °C~60 °C
Working Humidity 40 %~66 %
Storage Humidity 35% °C~80 °C
Cover Material Acrylic
Color Silver
Warranty One year


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